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New Year’s Eve

The beginning of the year 2013 is only hours away.

The only thoughts I can manage to organize are these:

Allow time for change to occur.  Gratification is so often instant nowadays that if it is delayed we resolve to believe that it will never come.  Turn the rudder, trim the sails, catch new wind, change channels, and allow time for your ship to come in.

You must create all change you desire.  Whatever it is that you want this world to be - begin to dream it and to create it.  Plant the seeds, tend to them, monitor their growth, modify conditions as necessary, and allow them the time to mature.

The days have slowly been growing longer and longer since December 21st, but the longest day of the year is still seasons away.

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I so, so hope that all of my peers intend to have their opinions voiced at the polls a few short months from now. The majority of us are in full favor of love and equality for all souls and we need to ensure that the majority is well represented and represents well the minority. America was founded by those escaping a multitude of persecutions, seeking to be free, and since that time we have enslaved and persecuted so, so many. Let us end that already and with a swiftness.


"And we shall overcome!"

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